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Made with UE4 for Ludum Dare #36.

I run out of time to add gameplay, so the only thing you can do is walk around and look at Epic's gorgeous free assets.

WASD - movement

Spacebar - jump

Mouse - camera

Alt+F4 - quit

Windows and Mac will not be available because the only machine I can build from doesn't have enough RAM to open the project. If anyone is on Windows and using UE4 feel free to ask for the source files to build it.

Windows 64 build now available. Not sure if Mac build will happen.


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NorseMansLand_LinuxNoEditor.zip 328 MB
norse-mans-land-windows64.zip 542 MB
Version 1


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I don't know why but it shows a screen with video artifacts only. Unity games works. Seems I didn't try UE4 games before. Lubuntu 18.04.2.

Oh, I had no idea it didn't work on linux, but I'm pretty sure I was still working with Ubuntu when I released it. Thank you for the heads up, I'll look into it!

I use amdgpu-pro headless driver, so games should use default Ubuntu's OpenGL libraries. But I've tried the free driver too with the same result.